Mighty Big Five Furniture


 The African plain can be very harsh and unforgiving. Look at the heat she receives, and lack there of water… This makes Africa a survivalist game. We here at Mukango Wa Africa have learnt to survive Mother Africa’s harshness to be able to bask at her beauty and be inspired.

(Made with strong African Hardwoods, this dining set was made to last from one family generation to the next.)


The Big 5 animals of the African Kingdom

We love The Big 5 and that is why all the art that has been put on this Dining Table and it’s chairs has been inspired by the African Kingdom and it’s Animals. 



The African Lion

Such as the powerful Lion, which was the animal that inspired the name Mukango Wa Africa (Lion of Africa in certain African Languages, which also means “The Flavor of Africa” in Isvenda).


Mukango means Lion in a few African Languages


The African Buffalo

The Lion is not the only animal that inspired us! The Buffalo too is a powerful African beast! Lions struggle to take a Buffalo down if they are in packs! The Buffalo has powerful horns that have know to pierce Lions!


The Buffalo is known to have kicked Lions to sleep

The Black African Rhino

Mukango loves the African black Rhino as well! We love this creature for he is peaceful and majestic and is a symbol of wealth in the African Culture.


Mukango loves Rhinos for their strength and majesty.


The leopard is one of the five extant species in the genus Panthera, a member of the Felidae. It occurs in a wide range in sub-Saharan Africa, The leopard meaning also symbolizes the beauty and boldness which you possess that will attract the energies that you need

The African Elephant


We also love the biggest land animal, the mighty Elephant standing a average of 3.3 meters tall!

It was once believed in certain African cultures that the Elephant first ruled the kingdom before the Lion took over!


The Elephant is a symbol for strength and Love!

These are the animals that inspired our Dining piece and we hope they inspire you too!


You have to Love African furniture! We know we do here at Mukango Wa Africa. African Furniture is all about pushing the envelope in trying to exposing what Africa is really all about! Yes African’s environment can be harsh, but it is African’s heavy hand that makes the animals of African so powerful and majestic! That is why Mukango Wa Africa has no issue using the the awesome Animals of Africa to express ourselves and our Land!