We are African Furniture

As I sit here in my little cramped office deep inside Mukango Wa Africa’s stocked headquarters, I laugh. I love with joy knowing how unique the experience it is to be in Africa. The way we move, the way we do business, and the way our plentiful culture mix and intertwine. It is all very different to what the world seems to do, but that is what makes us African!

African Furniture Store called Mukango Wa Africa based in South Africa. We are artists who are specialist in custom and African hand-carved Furnit
Front view of the humble Mukango Wa Africa Workshop in South Africa, Germiston.

You can see from majority of our art, that it is our Animals that inspire our Artwork in a big way! Alot of African people’s surnames are direct translations of animal names. This is because Animals in the African kingdom represent: Strength, Endurance, Beauty , composure and prowess. The exact aspects we want for our furniture pieces so that is why it is a moving force in our company.

Mukango Wa Africa (Lion of Africa) artists put details to bring our animal kingdom to life. You haven’t lived in Africa long enough if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one of these wild majestic creatures. All our artists have had first hand experience with these animals and that live experience is seen in the art!

Mukango Wa Africa also does a lot of custom designs as well, but like our head artists Kennedy Chiwama always says: “All our pieces contain a little Africa in them.”

Another beautiful African Hand-carved Furniture piece by Mukango Wa Africa