Wooden Tables

Custom wooden tables

Dining room tables

Dining room tables come with a choice of chairs, or thrones. We specialize in African BIG FIVE. carvings. 

Rectangular tables

We Do any size rectangular table. You can send us a picture to carve onto the tabe. Family crests, portraits and more.

Small round side tables

We have sets of Side table with glass coverings over and a choice in colors. 

Custom made wooden tables

Choose any shape table to match your space requirements

Big 5 Side tables

Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffelo, Leoperd

Big 5 Coffee Table (10)

Rectangular coffee tables

Statue of animal under the glass for display

Choose Your tables legs.

Cross legged tables,3 leg tables. and more

Black custom coffee table

Choose which color suits you

Choice colors include, Black, brown, dark brown